My deepest apologies to those reading my blog. I have been noticeably absent for quite some time. My blogging has taken something of a hiatus for two distinct reasons, for those interested.

  1. The mental and emotional exhaustion of this blog’s subject matter has caused me to step back and reflect. Truth be told the pervasive negativity of the news cycle has a fatiguing impact on my writing. Further evidence that those concerned citizens among us must pace ourselves, lest we lose momentum, despair and fall into apathy over the madness that has overtaken our nation.
  2. On a personal level, my own career has taken priority over my blogging and so my attention has been on ensuring that my own livelihood continues. I can’t very well blog, while unemployed…well…I could, but it certainly won’t pay the mortgage.

The good news is: I’ve designed some quality items in Cafe Press for the socially and politically conscientious among you! As part of my own project, I’ve decided to create a piece of word cloud art and emblazoned it upon a t-shirt; using Trump’s own words to draw attention to his own character.

I value your readership and would value your own support for this blog. Much like my pledge on my Patreon page, if earnings for this product reach $100, I shall donate 50% of the proceeds to the ACLU, and will continue to do so as earnings increase. This donation will occur on a quarterly basis based on my Cafe Press Metrics.

Worry not, as I seek new ways to engage you, my audience, I shall be producing some new content and expand my content beyond commentary on the Trump administration and the terrifying current of nationalism sweeping conservatives today.

Again, thank you for your support and your readership. It means a great deal to me that you continue to read, like and comment. Your feedback has been valuable and this project has enabled me to become a more informed and progressive citizen.