Former Mexican President Vicente Fox (2000-2006) has been actively tweeting in opposition to Trump since before taking office. It’s certainly no wonder, given how one of Trump’s most memorable of campaign promises was to erect a giant wall to protect Americans from the fictitious bands of marauding Mexicans seeking to undermine our security…on top of this gross and unacceptable form of racial profiling, Trump has even had the gall to say, Mexico ought to splurge for this ridiculous Wall Project. Which, believe it or not, Mexico is not particularly keen on!

Former President Fox has made it abundantly clear as to his viewpoints on the “Fucking Wall.” turning it into a hashtag.

Beyond that, Former President Fox has been very diligent in tweeting to Donald Trump in quite a prolific manner. The fact that he hasn’t been blocked by Trump yet, is seemingly a miracle on his part. What truly caught my attention and got me following Mr. Fox on twitter (@VicenteFoxQue), was his most recent video message encouraging Trump to quit…

There is so much to unpack from his message, but he raises some solid points that would seem to be part of “Acting Presidential 101,” yet, as Trump’s current performance indicates, he is more than happy to declare himself “like, a smart guy.” He apparently was not available for this particular class. Mr. Fox asks four very basic questions.

  1. Before Going to War ask yourself, would you (a younger version of you) fight in that war?
  2. Are you going to war to make the the world a better safer place…or are you doing it to make yourself feel bigger?
  3. Have you given diplomacy enough time?frankgamess
  4. Do you like video games? (Rather than angrily tweet, Trump could play Call of Duty to get his “war orgasm” and move on – shoot…even Frank Underwood knows when to vent his frustrations on his game console!)
  5. Do you want to be a hero? (Quitting would work!)

These are all great points. I’m sure those among Trump Loyalists would debase Mr. Fox for his commentary on American politics: “What!? Now we have to take advice from Mexico?” This close-minded and ignorant thinking is what will continue to inch the United States closer and closer to isolationism and economic decline.

Side Note: If, in the rare occasion Mr. Fox somehow reads this post, I’d be curious if Donald Trump received his “Crazy Gringo” box and if he uses any of the contents. 

Here in the United States, we are left with the continued perception that we are the only nations on the North American continent. By our own sheer force of will and the power of the English language, we have successfully absconded with the term “Amercian” to be exclusively used for the United States. We are all Americans; The United States, Mexico and Canada. Let’s even extend the title southward to the rest of Latin America. To disregard the words of a fellow statesman of our closest neighbors is arrogant. Granted Mr. Fox has the privilege of having served (past tense) in the office of the president, and so there is some freedom encompassed in that role.

Yet, when Vicente Fox clearly and accurately calls out Trump on his obsession with size and popularity, it’s hard for one to not say: “Vincente Fox, mi amigo, you have a point.”

In more recent tweets, he addresses us, the United States Citizenry. The fact that, as of today, there are 13% (that’s over 3,200 of those responding to his poll) of people that would prefer the “childish showman” as president. I would hope this small figure can mostly be explained by sarcastic or “ironic” casting of votes. If, however, Twitter is to be any indicator of the fanaticism hardliner Trumpists exhibit; it wouldn’t surprise me that they would gladly take on a derogatory aimed at their beloved Donald and turn it into a badge of honor.

At the end of the day, Mr. Fox is an outsider to U.S. Politics; and more ignorant Trump supporters would be happy to thrown any number of racial epithets towards Mr. Fox for “interfering with America.” Yet, we can’t truly say that we, ourselves, don’t do our own meddling in foreign regimes. For almost 16 years we have been engaged in military action in the middle east for the purpose of instituting regime change and furthering our own national interests.

To avoid getting internet corrected let me clarify: I’m not counting the first Gulf War or the litany of events that have had us engaged in the Middle East for decades…what I’m referring to are events more recent to the collective memory of our country.

To think that the Mexican people and politicians do not possess similar national interests is foolish. Sadly, this perception has been borne by middle-America’s latent racism and perceptions of Mexico. The racial stereotype is that Mexico is poor and a den of drug cartels and murder. (The very idea that Mexico (and Canada) “don’t count” as countries and powers in the their own right is Ameri-Centric. We are gradually coming to the realization that the United States has ceded its role as the “Leader of the Free World” in the face of Trump’s America First dogma. A great question arises: Who will rise take our place on the world stage in the advocacy of democracy, freedom, and security? I would posit that between Mexico and Canada, the two countries are positioned to speak more capably for the North American Continent than Donald Trump and his proxies.

Despite the tragedy we are currently experiencing today in the United States, it comes as refreshing to get additional outside opinions commenting on our current situation. Those of us seeking a better outcome for political discourse in our nation, those of us seeking to expand and protect the rights of our fellow citizens, those of us concerned with the growing security threats that Donald Trump is allowing to grow through his hateful rhetoric; we are further validated in our strong desire to resist an increasingly autocratic regime. We are not insane. Sad to say this is happening now…and the world sees it and has a lot to say about it. Once more, the citizens of the United States are left to apologize to the world for the actions of the privileged few, as our reputation continues to flounder around the world. As blogger, Jill Dennison puts it:

‘Twould seem that the Trump regime is indeed the laughingstock of the global community, though the laughter is tongue-in-cheek…”

Today, Donald Trump continues to cyber-bully his opponents. Tomorrow…who knows how he will try and silence those that question his fitness as president and confront his ever increasing (and in most cases, entirely unnecessary) web of lies. It may be a childish twitter-tantrum, but we must stop treating Trump as a joke (he is in most ways), but with a spineless GOP and outnumbered democrats, this joke could turn horrifying very quickly, and Trump’s immaturity could manifest itself into real despotism and suppression of our cherished Fourth Estate.

With all that having been said…it would be great that if Donald Trump opted “walk away” from the presidency as per Mr. Fox’s recommendation…at least before it’s too late and we find ourselves demanding he walk away from the post-apocalyptic Hell-scape he has fashioned for his alt-right fanatics, racist cronies, and billionaire buddies.