Donald trump is not an artful diplomat. There! I’ve said it! Hmm…feels considerably less cathartic then I had pictured in my mind.

Trump is in Poland today. In true form he has managed to stir up the news cycle once more. First by lambasting the press, then by muddying the waters of Russian Electoral meddling in the clumsiest and most inept ways, and finally as we cap off the highlights – antagonizing North Korea.

“I think it could very well have been Russia, but I think it could well have been other countries…I won’t be specific.”

Is he trying to be coy? Subtle? This is something a cartoon villain or movie mobster would say: “It’d be a real shame if something happened to your beautiful home…I know a guy, a couple guys, that can get what you need Boss, I wouldn’t want to give you the specifics…Y’know…fer your protection.”

He’s trying to have his cake an eat it too. So many forces are telling him and the American public that Russia has meddled in our democratic process. Has the Russian government absconded entirely with our democracy, I’d argue not yet…but they most certainly have disrupted it, at least enough to narrow the margin between Hillary and Donald’s popular vote. The point is: Russia has both the capability and the will to meddle in our elections. Now it would seem, Trump is willing to acknowledge the mere possibility of Russian meddling.

Obviously his attempts to play ignorant haven’t been working. The strategy of repeating something enough times people will believe it…well…it’s like a Jedi Mind Trick: it only works on the weak minded…and I think his own strategy of repetitious falsifications and denials has him believing his own words at this point (If mind tricks only work on the weak minded, what does that say about the person being affected their own trick?).

 “Nobody really knows…Nobody really knows for sure.”

In true form, his attempt at subtlety fails here and seems to be making some implicit comment that perhaps the intelligence services have further information, not yet produced. If this is true The Leaker-and-Chief speaks again from his pulpit, coming close to compromising potential intelligence information for his own selfish purposes.

I don’t want to go in depth on Press and Obama bashing…it’s such a common occurrence these days, I think we are fine just skimming the surface of Trump’s latest in a series of tirades. My issue, besides the belligerent attitude toward the press in the first place, is that Trump has dragged out his own domestic dirty laundry out in public on the international stage.  Is this really a rant one should have in front of the international community? As always, Trump the insecure ego-maniac must always find a way to make an event or a press conference entirely about him. Brand awareness may be important in business…but Trump has failed to gauge his audience: A Polish Press Conference prior to a G20 Summit is not the same as spouting hateful rhetoric at a rally in middle america to get die-hard racists…er…Trump supporters to cheer his name to make him feel good. Again, this compulsive desire for acceptance may be why his rant on the press was strategically made in Poland; a country with significantly diminished press freedoms. Perhaps he hoped to find a sympathetic ear or garner some Pro-Tips on curtailing freedom of the press from President Andrzej Duda. A year ago I would have laughed. Today I would warn folks to be on the look out for further developments. President Duda may have inspired Trump whilst abroad.

Finally, I’ve saved the most worrisome part of Trump’s latest Press Conference Debacle. His aggressive and confrontational verbiage would seek to only further inflame the continuously deteriorating dialogue with North Korea.

“We’ll see what happens. I don’t like to talk about what we have planned, but I have some pretty severe things that we’re thinking about…They are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner.”

Image result for President Moon Jae-in Trump+awkward

So too, our “illustrious” President seeks to counter dangerous acts with dangerous words. All well in good when he lives comfortably on the East Coast with access to a Presidential bunker. Less good for those Americans living closest to North Korea on the West coast. Bloody Awful for the South Koreans, who would rather not re-ignite the flames of war with their Rogue Nation Neighbor; ending a 64-year long armistice.

What will the North Koreans do? As Russia and China attempt to bring North Korea further into their sphere of influence, will they counsel patience and caution? Likely, China will attempt to assuage the autocrat with a bad haircut, access to weapons of Mass Destruction, and maniacal tendencies (Kim Jong-Un…not Donald Trump…just to be clear). China has no desire to see a unified Korea or to see further instability in the region for it’s own interests.


We can only hope that the self-interest of China and Russia will be enough to curtail any rash or hostile military action on the part of North Korea.

Meanwhile I cringe at the thought that the provocative War of Words of the ignorant and powerful will continue to escalate the situation with North Korea. One angry tweet or campaign rally speech could be enough to destabilization Asia and turn a War of the Words into an actual War.

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