First, Check out Gronda Morin’s blog via the links below. In the short amount of time I’ve started following work I’ve been continuing to discover amazing and insightful commentary on our times so…thank you!

Second I’ve spent a good chunk of my life roaming the Middle East in an official capacity, hanging my hat up in various embassies in the region…and while my experience comes the the narrative of the U.S. State Department and as a Army Officer Abroad…I can find little to disagree with regarding the points that are made in the piece. Much of my knowledge comes from the military context and have had the pleasure and honor of taking part of a site visit at Al-Udeid AFB…where, one can truly see the scope of the importance of our military presence in the region as well as an attempt to encourage greater cooperation among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)…which is a challenge…since it is more accurately described as the “GC:” there’s is very little cooperation involved between all the players in the Gulf.

Anyways. I ramble. Please! Scroll down and check out Gronda Morin’s Article by clicking on the image below or hyperlink further down.

The political fallout regarding the republican President Donald Trump’s May 2017 trip to Saudi Arabia is the perfect example of how his lack of knowledge and incompetence regarding middle east issues, where he is like the bull in a china store, has caused real harm to U.S. national security interests. Then there is the question, […]

via Why All This Fuss Over Qatar By Major Players Like Saudi Arabia In The Middle East? — Gronda Morin