Has anyone seen the President? No, I’ve checked the Oval Office and the Situation Room, and can’t seem to find him. I even checked the residence and I didn’t find him lit by the glow of cable news, hunched over his phone tweeting maniacally. Where is he?! What, he’s golfing! Again?!

Since his inauguration, President Donald Trump has managed to eek out the “occasional” get-away to one of his lavish properties; to escape and recuperate from the stresses of the Presidency that seem to be overwhelming him. Who would have thought that being the President would be hard work?!

“This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.”  — Donald Trump

Mr. President, when you spend your days arm-chair quarterbacking the President, of course you’ll think that being President is easy. Politicians are ambitious creatures, Donald, but there are for easier and effortless ways to be famous. Have you ever seen a before and after picture of Presidents past?

Allow me to steer myself back on track. Truth be told, the office of the President is an enormous burden to place upon a single person’s shoulders. I wouldn’t begrudge a President for taking the occasional day away from politics so as not to crack under the pressure. Yet, back in 2011, Trump was more than happy to arm-chair quarterback the Obama Presidency and call into question as to why Obama was “always campaigning or on vacation.”

Again, he tweeted in 2013 his shock at President Obama’s golf habits (you can tell it’s shocking because of Trump’s elegant use of, not one…not two…but three question marks!!!).

Again, in 2014 we see Trump is still fixated on a President golfing far too much and how it costs taxpayers money…hmmm…sounds vaguely similar to our current reality. Surreal…almost prescient.

Once more, Donald “Covfefe” Trump is boggled by the troubles besieging the United States and how the President can still find time to play golf. Allow me to help rewrite this tweet. *Ahem* “Can you believe that, with all the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Trump spent the day playing golf. Worse President Ever.”

I’m sure you get the point. Essentially, I’ll summarize with one word to describe Trump’s twitter rants when contrasted with our current reality: HYPOCRITE.

The great hypocrisy is that Trump is more than happy to throw shade towards others and establish a blatant double standard for himself. On top of this, his notoriously thin-skin prohibits anyone from throwing similar shade his way, lest you incur the wrath of an enraged @realDonaldTrump Twitter-Tantrum. Not only is Trump more than happy to forget his previous tweets so as to not acknowledge the hypocrisy of his lifestyle, but his vacation time on his own properties is likely part of his own way of promoting the Trump Business Brand; ethically questionable to say the least (We still haven’t seen tax returns and there’s that whole Emoluments Clause still hovering over his legal department’s head).

Within the vein of Presidential Vacation Times, I thought I’d try and mapping out Trump’s disproportionate number of vacations that are being fully funded by the American taxpayer. The New York Times has produced a fairly detailed report of Trump’s various outings to any one of his branded properties and is worth checking out if you are so inclined.

Referencing the Statistics provided by the NYT’s article, you can graphically depict Trump’s days off:


* Please note: I realize that in my haste to produce this graphic, the math is off by about 10. Please be patient and I’ll update the article with a more accurate graphic (I would note, this does mirror the NYT info, but there is no real explanation as to the discrepancy of almost 15 days…take that into account, and you start encroaching on 41% of time spent on a Trump Vacation).

Honestly, speaking as a ten-year Army Veteran, a career and life devoted to service have no true days off; the world does not stop because it’s the weekend…crises do not adhere to a set and predictable schedule.

That’s almost 30% of his time in office spent golfing! Now Trump supporters would likely try and note that this figure indicates that almost 70% of time is spent on the job. I would also add, in total fairness, that most years have 52 Saturdays for hard-working Americans to enjoy (multiply that by two, and you have 104 Saturdays and Sundays). With this as a calculation, if Americans only had the weekends (not counting federal holidays and other work-related days off…Paid Time Off…etc), we enjoy close to 28% of our year not actively working. Factor, in sick days, paid time off, and holidays we likely surpass the Trump average.

That having been said, many Americans are not blessed with phenomenal jobs. Many Amercians work multiple jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2016, the number of multiple job holders stands at around 7.8 million Americans (that’s almost 5.2% of all employed Americans). My point is that there is a sizable demographic that is working twice and even three times harder than our illustrious President…and this skews the statistics for hours worked to hours “off the clock.”

As surprising as it may sound (sarcasm), many Americans work much harder than President Trump; who seems to be most productive throwing Twitter Tantrums in the early morning hours watching hours of cable news in the White House (not what I would consider billable hours for most hard-working Americans, citizens or otherwise). The President should be the beacon to which our citizenry aspire to and set a standard higher than that of the rest of us. Is it unfair? I wouldn’t say so. The President, while an elected official, is still a civil servant and ultimately volunteered for the job.

I honestly don’t feel confident in discussing previous presidential vacation times. The best and most easily digestible figure on this matter can be found on Wikipedia. I don’t feel that basing an argument on Wikipedia is the best course of action…so I’ll allow you to examine the numbers and make your own determination. For the time being understand that I try and present the facts around President Trump (with a healthy dose of opinion) to construct my argument…may be a bit one-sided, but at least I won’t fabricate data or outright lie where facts are absent.

If you happen to actually have a good source of information on the topic, let me know in the comments below, and I’ll amend the article appropriately and credit you for revision.

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The job of the President is hard. A vacation can come as a great relief and I think it is required for quality rest and recuperation. Yet despite Trump’s regular escape to his golf courses, we are not seeing a more balanced and well-rested President…but one less engaged with the majority of the voting public and seemingly more mentally unhinged with each new Tweet. Obviously these tax payer-funded weekly excursions are not improving his state of mind…or if they are: imagine the nightmare if he wasn’t taking time away from the Oval Office (are we truly seeing Trump at his best?). Terrifying thought.

Obviously Trump and his supporters are resistant to change and will likely never seek to reform their viewpoints on American society and the world at large, but imagine the disastrous outcomes if people were not assailing Trump’s echo-chamber. Each defiant tweet, each news story revealing The Facts (not the alternative variety, mind you), each protest pokes a hole in Trump’s security bubble, forcing him to be exposed to the fact – his Presidency is failing. That’s right Donald. I doubt you’re ever going to be reading this little blogger’s articles…but you are FAILING. Poorly rated. Sad!

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