Last week I wanted to try something new on Twitter. I thought I would attempt a caption contest. I think these can be great outlets for comical creativity, and a little comedy is just what we need in these trying times.

Some would say that the Trump Presidency is no laughing matter…and to some degree that is true. I would, however, also say that keeping a sense of humor and being willing to poke fun at our elected officials is not only a freedom that the United States enjoys, but also means by which to keep us fueled and energized.

Waging a prolonged opposition against an entrenched and very powerful establishment can be fatiguing; most especially when fueled only by outrage (I understand, there’s plenty to be outraged about). So, I figure a brief moment of fun at the President’s expense wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

While this first foray into engaging the Twitter-verse was a bit shaky this time around, I would still like to acknowledge and thank two users who provided their captions: @annepearl1 and @cocoanutcake.



I will continue with the end-of-the-week Caption Contest, and will look forward to people’s entries. Follow me on Twitter @streamingdan82 to link into future contest announcements and to see what’s currently streaming through my own consciousness.