President Trump has determined to inspire his masses of blind and ignorant followers with the “Made in America” week. This is an obvious ploy to court this slowly dwindling base of support. He might as well spout more rhetoric on how foreigners are stealing our jobs.

I believe that it’s phenomenal when businesses choose to manufacture their products here in the United States. It’s great for jobs. It’s great for the branding of our nation. I, however, also believe that outsourcing work overseas is an equally viable and in many cases necessary option for businesses seeking to lower costs.

My contention with Donald Trump’s proposal is it’s transparent lack of any ideals. A man that proclaims foreign interests are stealing our jobs and that we should celebrate American manufacturing rings hollow, when his own Trump-branded products (along with Ivanka’s) are made overseas in China. It’s hypocrisy at it’s finest, and it will likely be compounded with a nonsensical tweet by President Trump that refuses to acknowledge this all too common form of cognitive dissonance.

Before that moment, however, let me propose the following as being the most presidential of ways he could address the concerned American public:

“I know that many have called into question my business practices as I encourage my Fellow Americans to support Made in America Week. I have made many decisions in business over the years, and my ability to employ Americans through my various brands has relied on strong partnerships overseas. We live in a global economy, and many entrepreneurs and small businesses rely on similar partnerships. The spirit of Made In America Week is the support of all American business endeavors! I applaud businesses that have found success by employing American manufacturing. I also applaud those entrepreneurs growing their business and creating jobs through overseas partnerships. This week, I would simply encourage everyone to support businesses that make this country great and most especially small and local businesses that truly demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit of our great nation.

There’s certainly no way Donald Trump would come out with a statement like that. I highly doubt Donald Trump would come out so level-headed. More likely we’ll get Rage-induced Twitter Tantrum when Trump is unsupervised in the quiet hours of the morning during Fox and Friends. Note: Sean Spicer…Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in the rare case (VERY rare) you actually read this: You are free to use the above statement for your boss (You’re Welcome).

His own position on Made in America, quite simply over simplifies the ramifications the structure of our own economy. Many small businesses rely on the manufacture of their products overseas. Keeping costs low and margins high is at the core of any business that wants to be profitable. If a company cannot be profitable not only do the manufacturing jobs disappear, but so do the jobs that support that business disappear. Shuttering a company, because of high manufacturing overhead costs Americans jobs as well. That being said, the Trump Organization is certainly in a position that enables them to take on additional overhead and employ Americans in the manufacture of their products…but they choose not too.

Again, I can’t begin to comment on our economy and business practices involved with outsourcing manufacturing overseas. It’s quite simply not my field of expertise…nor am I a business owner. What I can’t abide is a hypocrite. Donald Trump has some real Chutzpah chastising us for not supporting American-made products, when he has no real desire to do so himself. The bottom line is that Trump has no interest in people’s jobs; he could care less about his hard-working middle-American supporters. His sole concern is Donald Trump’s own welfare and riches. His most ardent supporters remain, just another vote; proverbial “canon fodder” to fling in front of the great up-swell in resistance to his administration.

So, for Made in America Week, support businesses that do go the extra mile in manufacturing domestically (if you so choose). I also propose that in the spirit of Made in America Week, a boycott of Trump-branded products is in order (Provided you aren’t already boycotting all things associated with the Trump Organization).

PS: If you really are keen on boycotting Trump, I recommend you check out Grab Your Wallet; it gives a very comprehensive listing of businesses that are Trump-adjacent and those that have made efforts to distance themselves from the Trumps.

Please…PLEASE note: I would not blindly boycott some of these businesses…remember, even if a CEO has backed Trump or sells his or Ivanka’s products, you are also affecting the jobs of others that likely have no role in executive decision-making at a company. I essentially found the list to satisfy my own curiosity and the section for “Shop these Companies” really gives you some perspective on which business entities have chosen to take a stand in some way.

What are your thoughts on “Made in America?” Am I being too soft on the position? Would you recommend a different statement for Donald Trump? Let me know and follow me on Twitter @streamingdan82 for more updates and commentary.