Giving credit where credit is due, I saw a post this morning on my daily tweeter feed from David Corn, the Washington Bureau Chief for Mother Jones, analyst for MSNBC, and author. In his tweet he responds to one of Trumps Tweets…

…and asks Trump: “Ever Consider Writing Haiku?” I decided to take a stab at it, why not.

For those not poetically inclined. Haiku can be defined and described as:

“A traditional Japanese haiku is a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. Often focusing on images from nature, haiku emphasizes simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression.”

The article on further illuminates us by describing the sense of Haiku as:

“…the focus on a brief moment in time; a use of provocative, colorful images; an ability to be read in one breath; and a sense of sudden enlightenment and illumination.”

Sound familiar. Seems to encapsulate the very essence of what a Tweet is today.

Provocative? Check.

Colorful? Hmmm…I’ll give Trump a check on this one, but it can be debatable.

Read in one breath: Check.

Enlightenment and Illumination: Okay. So, this is where Trump fails to fit the Haiku model.

Now, Trump’s Twitter tirades are anything but enlightening and illuminating. His Rage Tweets provide us enlightenment into his own dysfunctional soul and they illuminate the ugly substratum of a select portion of America that hold onto ignorance, hatred, and bigotry and cling to Trump and his cronies as a way of validating their own narrow-minded existences.

Applying poetic prose to Trump’s Tweets is (surprisingly – at least to me) nothing new. Before I continue on in my own poetic venture, I would be remiss if I did not reference the Washington Post, who made an effort to place @realDonaldTrump into the Haiku format. To be honest, even though the Post is slightly left leaning, I think the satire is a bit obtuse and its delivery makes it appear that Donald Trump is conveying unintentional wisdom to America (which I would have to disagree with). I’ll let you decide.

You can also have some fun with a random poetry generator that creates prose, based on Trump’s Tweets at “Poet and Chief.” Again, may be something lending more gravitas to a tiny, insecure man unable to communicate his thoughts in a complete and mannered sentence…but, my thoughts on the matter are that it frames his “Twitter-Prose” as bad, poetry by a hack (which he is). In just a moment you can see some of my own bad poetry, and the hack job I try and accomplish here.

Onto the main event! Here’s is my take on 6 selected tweets re-captured into Haiku Form…attempting to highlight the delirious and feeble mind of one, President Donald John Trump (I think I may have thrown up in my mouth a little). Note: I’ve taken some creative liberties to fit things into the 5/7/5 format of the Haiku.

“We were all let down | Most Republicans loyal | Worked hard. Will return.”

“All unnamed sources |Slanted, fraudulent reporting | Fake news distorts.”

“My son Don, did good |Transparent and innocent | Greatest witch hunt. Sad.”

“The Obamas knew | The Russians are meddling | They did nothing. Why?”

“Investigated | Fired FBI leader | This is a witch hunt.”

“First One Hundred Days | Ridiculous! I do lots | Media will kill.”

and here it is again, in case you missed it above:

“Healthcare Bill is Good | It will get better at lunch | O-Care Dies.”

Finally, here’s something original I thought I’d try my hand at:

“Trump is a buffoon |Wealthy, Privileged, White, Sad |Loud and Tiny Man”

I know that there are those out there that would disagree with this form of satire, but I view this expenditure mental energy as an exercise in disarming a toxic bully. I can acknowledge, however, that there are those among you that would think I’m lending some measure of dignity to an otherwise undignified character. I hope, however, that this article not only seeks to disarm a bully but also cast a bright and shining light on a President whose oratorical and written skills are not just flawed but continue to lower the standard of civilized discourse in our country and have proven to be a detriment to our nation and to the American people abroad.

PS: I fully realize that I am no poet myself. (I did mention this at the front-end that this was bad poetry).

What are your thoughts? Is this form of satire inadvertently giving Trump more credit than he is due? Perhaps you have your own Haikus you’d like to share? Is my attempt at re-writing Haiku as bad as I expected? Comment below or, better yet, follow me on Twitter @streamingdan82