I woke up this morning only to see the White House declare loudly and proudly that:

“This is #MadeinAmerica Week and @POTUS’ actions have already shown that this will be a #MadeinAmerica Presidency.”

Well, with recent news and fact checks (not the “alternative” variety), we’re not only finding that Donald Trump declaring “Made in America Week” to be not only a model of hypocrisy, but also a sad statement on the White House’s inability to truly gauge the mood of the American public. Likely, the poor souls trapped in the White House communications office are forced to scramble and produce the messaging that his “Royal Yuugeness,” King Donald demands…and so in that regard, I feel a great swell of pity to those in his office that are being intimidated to produce White House communications that they know full-well is utter hogwash.

Naturally, dedicated Twitter user and “Resister” that I am, I felt compelled to offer my own reply:

I was however, not alone in need to respond to a hopelessly deluded White House. As of the time of writing this article, some 555 twitter users (a very uniform number; if I must say so, myself) felt compelled to offer up their own replies as well.

Note: My apologies in advance for all the scrolling…despite my best efforts, my attempts to actually remove the parent tweet from all the embedded tweets have come to no avail. If however, you know how to rectify this please feel free let me know. I certainly would appreciate it.

Many Twitter Users went to bat with a some form of witty retort…in our continuing efforts to wear down the entrenched Trump Regime with humor…dark or otherwise. Laughing at Authority.

Other Users opted to present evidence to the contrary that Donald Trump truly believes in the spirit of “Made in America.”

Like many (if not all) of you that are reading this blog, some users simply expressed their exasperation over the whole affair.

Finally, the crown jewel of the tweets; It may not be witty. It may not be eloquent. It certainly does not occupy all 140 characters. But it truly encapsulates the feelings and reactions we are all experiencing on a daily basis:

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