Ever wonder what happened to Sean Spicer? It’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing White House under the chaotic dominion of Donald Trump; but it’s a question worth asking. Have you seen him? Previously, rumors were plentiful regarding the status of Sean Spicer. Was the White House Press Secretary being considered for a promotion, a demotion, or being fired?

Well, he came out of hiding a few times. But the real surprise came today with his sudden resignation as Press Secretary. A move prompted by Trump’s appointment of Anthony Scaramucci as White House Communications Director.

What’s Sean Spicer’s future? This was a big question months ago. Recent events have forced us all to refocus on the bigger issues of Healthcare, and Trump and Trump Junior’s collusion with Russian agents. Yet, here he is once more; in the forefront of our news cycle.

Will Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Take the Reigns of Press Secretary?

It seems now, in retrospect, that Sarah Sanders has been essentially spending that last few months interviewing for Sean Spicer’s job. Spicer may have taken a back seat, with the idea that his focus needed to be on the strategic communications plan of the Trump Administration as the “ad-hoc-not-really-well-kind-of Communications Director.” So, for the foreseeable future, I think we’re in for more of Sarah Sander’s combative personality and incredibly photogenic “stank-face.” (That is of course, provided any of the cameras are turned on).


Update: Seems that Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be taking on the mantle of Press Secretary.

Who is Anthony Scaramucci?


He is a republican. He is also a business man. Funny how Trump seems to gravitate towards rich, white males (Funny in the sense, it’s absolutely not funny at all). He’s a New York Financier and Billionaire (estimated $1.5 Billion). His actual net worth is up for some debate, as the figure may be inflated – again, this seems to be a common trend among the rich and insecure; the need to evaluate one’s own worth as a human being by the number of dollar signs they have or the size of their office buildings or the size of their pe– er, Hands….

He jumped on board the Trump Train following Scott Walker and Jeb Bush’s withdrawal from the race, and served on the Trump Finance Committee. Note to Trump: While you and your finances are under investigation, I don’t think bringing people tied to your finances AND your campaign is particularly wise. But, hey, if you want to give Mueller more nails to hammer into your political career’s coffin: Go For It!

After the inauguration he served in the rather nebulous and superfluous role of “Assistant to the President” and Director of “White House Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs.”

Back to Spicer…I Actually Feel Sorry Him

Look, despite my own misgivings at the fact Spicer has been combative with journalists, made efforts to obscure transparency in the White House, and generally disseminate half-truths, alternate facts, and outright lies…I actually have a small measure of sympathy for the man. He has the difficult task of being the mouthpiece for Donald Trump; an unpredictable and uncontrollable force of nature that constantly places the White House Communications Staff in the uncomfortable position of putting out statements and messages that they have to know is utter nonsense.

Note: This is really just baseless assumption on my part, as I think the White House communications staff (despite ideological differences) are professionals and have been doing this for a long time.


I can only imagine the stress and anger one would feel trying to represent a boss who refused to be honest and whose collaborative skills are non-existent; Working late and developing a communications strategy and planning your statements…only to have all the hours of work undone by single Twitter Tirade. I know that I do not enjoy looking like I’m incompetent and stupid when someone immediately contradicts me, most especially in public. Sean Spicer likely enjoys that feeling about as much, if not less, than I do. Hence, perhaps some of his absence can be explained through habitual binge drinking to cope with the enormity of his job which is to essentially read Donald Trump’s mind; a place NOBODY should enter.

I have the feeling that Spicer’s relationship with the White House, up until this point, was to ensure that he preserve his own career ambitions. Even though this is a miserable experience for the man and really has not garnered much respect from the American People, the Press, and probably the President himself; the role of White House Press Secretary has to be the pinnacle to one’s career path as a communications professional (surpassed by the more senior role of White House Communications Director – but given the facts, that’s remains only a theory).

I feel a great swell of pity for Sean Spicer, but having said that, we haven’t seen him in front of the camera often leading up to recent months. Much of that sympathy easily dissipates with just a single belligerent encounter with CNN in a vain effort to defend one of Trump’s patently obvious falsifications or one of his ridiculous Twitter outbursts.

Update: Had a chance to review Sean Spicer’s highlights reel. I seem to have a short-term memory, I seem to have forgotten some of his most memorable moments. While I still feel he has had one of the most unpleasant jobs in politics…I guess, saying “I feel sorry for the guy,” may be a bit of a misrepresentation. He’s still fits the Trump brand of being ill-equipped for the job he was given (even factoring in the complete lack of support from his boss). Oops.

Why the Seemingly Sudden Resignation?

As Donald Trump continues to be assailed with Special Investigator Mueller’s investigation, Donald Trump Jr’s unintended bombshell of a revelation into the Trump Campaign’s collusion with Russia, failure to deliver his nebulous dream of “something-other-than-Obamacare-Healthcare-plan,” and GOP defections, we can see an increasingly isolated and paranoid President.

This move to oust Spicer seems to illustrate the Shakespearean tragedy unfolding before our very eyes. Sean Spicer, while likely frustrated and angry most days…has remained a loyal servant of The Donald. Yet he has been cast aside very easily. He resigned…but this is Politics, I feel he was indignant over the fact that the job of White House Communications Director which he was promised (and essentially performing for the past few months) was handed over to an outsider; a business man with no real political background – An amateur and dabbler in the field, using his wealth to exert influence rather than his political acumen. It would seem, Donald Trump is an equal opportunity Promise-Breaker. He not only is happy to break his promises and connections with the American people, but also his closest allies. He demands personal loyalty from those that serve him…yet, that expectation of loyalty is not reciprocated as a two-way street. The Feudal Lords of Medieval Europe would even be aghast, as there exists a certain degree of quid-pro-quo in this ancient social contract: “You give me your loyalty, I shall give you my protection.” Citing a recent example in the recent New York Times interview, Trump is more happy to throw Jeff Sessions under the bus in an effort to make a clear getaway.

In the end, Sean Spicer will leave and continue on with his life. I think, ultimately, he will be thankful to distance himself from Trump’s failing presidency; which seems to be spiraling irrevocably towards impeachment (maybe not soon…but eventually). The tragic part of his tenure as Press Secretary is the shattering of any credibility he may have held previous to the arrival of the Trump Train. His Royal Yuuugness King Donald of Trump will ultimately find himself more alone, without allies, and trapped within a mental-prison of his own mind. The angry and insecure solitude of one’s own mind is a big ingredient in greater paranoia and bad decision-making and judgement. Ultimately, this isolation will only lead to more careless interviews and tweets…more GOP defections and that mental prison (we all hope) will transform into actual Federal Prison.

This is tragedy on whole new level. Othello had Iago, steering him towards ruin. Donald Trump has only himself…no Iago; only his own inner monologue. Lacking any real external force to blame (having already blamed the media, political moderates, and liberals), he turns on his own. To say it in the style of Trump’s own oratory:

“Nobody is more tragic than me. Believe me. I mean – Othello, a Moor: very few people know that. Moors are muslims. Terrorist. I’m the most tragic. Very very many things are happening to bring me down. It’s all FAKE NEWS.” — Donald of Trump

Let’s hope that he won’t be alone in federal prison, as his corrupt and twisted family may join him there along with his other conspirators. Here’s to Hope!

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Final Note: You may ask, there’s all this exciting news on Russian Collusion and Healthcare; who cares about Sean Spicer? Well, the winds of change are blowing and this further indicates the perilous road Trump is travelling along towards his own political destruction. This news on Sean Spicer really serves as a warning to Trump’s allies and supporters that Trump’s Number One priority is himself.  The bottom line is: the Trumps have colluded with Russia and should be held accountable and punished accordingly, Period. Those close to Trump would do well to bail out now while they can, lest they two find themselves caught up in this maelstrom of controversy.

(Note to Sean Spicer – That’s how you use the word “period” in a sentence).