Donald Trump and his family have skirted the law in the businesses, if not outright breaking the law – we’ll have to wait until the investigation into Trump’s finances are completely finalized. Without a doubt, unless you happen to be a die-hard Trump Supporter or have been locked in a room with no internet access for the past year, he colluded with Russian interests (whether wittingly or unwittingly). I think, Richard Nixon would say: “I may not be a crook…but this Donald Trump fella certainly is.”

We are continuing to talk about and debate the legalities of Trump’s powers to exert the Presidential Pardon as well as the ongoing investigations into his affairs, both in collusion with Russia, but also his own finances. In his bumbling and inept method of defending himself, I latched onto the trending hashtag: #TrumpCrimeFamily. In many ways this seems to ring true to me. So, I thought I’d put it to a vote and see what you, Dear Readers, think.

The poll is at the very end, but here were my three top choices for Donald Trump. One thing I will note, traits they all share is a requirement for loyalty and deep seeded insecurities that manifest themselves in different ways. I would even be bold to say all three have a severe case of misogyny and bigotry to different degrees. If you feel confident, proceed to the bottom to poll – otherwise, read on…


William “Bill the Butcher” Cutting – Gangs of New York

Exemplar of Demagoguery and Bigotry

Bill Cutting from “Gangs of New York,” may not necessarily fit the model of a gangster in the traditional sense, but he is, none-the-less, a Gang Leader.

I elected to include him in the poll as his own political outlook is very similar to Donald Trump. He is xenophobic to the point of attacking and inciting others to attack immigrants. He views the newcomers to our country as interlopers; taking advantage of United States at the expense of true “native Americans.” (I suppose he never bothered consulting with the actual aboriginal People of the Americas).

Bill Cutting may have fit well into the times he was living…but it has become glaringly apparent that Donald Trump’s “Jacksonian” attempt at populism and nationalism is a throwback to a darker time in our nations history. A darker time that frighteningly many Americans are nostalgic for.


Thomas “Tommy D.” DeVito – Good Fellas

Exemplar of Rage and Insecurity

Perhaps Donald Trump doesn’t go on murderous rampages at the drop of the hat. Perhaps Donald Trump doesn’t have a Napoleon complex. Donald Trump certainly didn’t come from the humblest of beginning shining shoes for the mob.

What Trump does share in common with this “Good Fella” are his rampages across twitter when slighted in anyway.  When he feels he’s being insulted and not respected, he uses hastily and ill conceived tweets to beat us in the head with (figuratively speaking of course)…versus a baseball bat like Tommy. He also, most certainly has not got a sense of humor (at least if his name is concerned), and I wouldn’t call Donald Trump “Funny” to his face, without expecting some verbal abuse or an angry Twitter Tirade.

Trump stands both tall and wide. Yet, I would consider him to be a mental midget. Despite the bluster, he knows he’s ill-equipped for the presidency. It is these limitations and insecurities that create a mental Napoleon complex that manifests itself in his poor behavior and outright tantrums.


Frederico “Fredo” Corleone – The Godfather

Exemplar of Incompetence and Poor Mental Capacity

The second of the Corleone boys. Again, considered to be soft and mentally unfit to head the family business; he’s passed over for leadership of the Corleone enterprise in favor of his younger brother Michael. His own incompetence and inability to measure reality is what ultimately brings his journey to a close in the Godfather series.

Donald Trump Junior has often been compared to poor Fredo for his blunders which have brought Russian Collusion to the forefront of the discussion around Trump’s ill-gotten presidency (as if the discussion could be pushed even farther to the front – any further and the discussion would suddenly appear behind us).

I, however, think a comparison can be made with Donald Trump the elder as well. Again, as I am oft to point out, his mental capacity is limited; Liking graphics over time spent reading, preferring binge watching Fox and Tweeting over governing and preparing for his next meeting, and preferring the short-lived cathartic feeling of blurting out whatever crosses his mind versus measuring his own statement. He has consistently proven he lacks the strategic vision to shepherd our nation forward both domestically and internationally. His short attention span has us drafting policies that only look at the Now…not years down the road; ignoring unforeseen consequences and complexities and caring little for those that are harmed in his wake.

Bottom Line, Donald Trump can fit the mold of Fredo Corleone because he is incompetent. Despite his own bluster about his high IQ and “smart genes,” the man is an utter fool and idiot.


What did you think of my choices? Have a neglected someone? Would you nominate someone else to compare? Comment and Subscribe as well as follow me on Twitter @streamingdan82