I realize that while I am an active and passionate Twitter User, many readers here may not necessarily interface with Twitter overly much. I can understand the sentiment. As one will likely agree when reading this modest blog, I am rather verbose in my prose. For those fellow writers that can’t confine themselves to the 140 characters of tweet, I understand entirely. So I’ve created a Facebook Group in support of this blog to further encourage engagement and discussion among our community.

Visit and Join the StreamingDan Resistance Community on Facebook today!

I’ve laid out some Guidelines:

I started this group with the intent of engaging a larger audience of Resisters. Times are tough, and uniting and organizing is important in enacting positive and real change in our country. Please join me and a phenomenal community of activists and progressives.

There are some incredibly easy rules associated with this group:

1) I have zero tolerance for Hate speech. If you attack someone or a group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or gender you will be removed from the Group. End of Story

2) This is an open forum for discussion. Please be mature and courteous when engaging with each other. We are adults. Nobody is “wrong” or “stupid” so long as you bring facts to back up your arguments and you pay close attention to Rule #1.If a flare up is detected, you’ll be warned. Repeat incidents will get you removed from the Group.

3) We’re all passionate and many of us are angry. Directing that emotion towards a productive end is part of Resisting. Directing to your fellows is counter productive to our goals. Please, see Rule #2.

4) Bottom Line: Enjoy engaging within this community. Discuss, Debate, and Coordinate. It’s about connecting each other and acknowledging we are not alone in this ocean of madness.

What can you Expect from this new group in it’s infancy?

– Shared Articles from the StreamingDan.com blog (That’s me!)
– Shared Memes and Commentary
– Any upcoming events (for me, it would be the SF Bay Area)
– Engaged Discussion among like minded Individuals in a Safe Space

How can I participate?

– Share articles you like among the community
– Share your own Memes and Commentary
– Comment, Like, and Discuss with a wide variety of concerned citizens from Across the US and Beyond! (Fingers Crossed 🤞)
– Add Upcoming Events in YOUR local area!
– I can’t be everywhere at once, and I don’t often scroll through everything on my social media feeds. If you see something offensive, inflammatory, or hateful. Please report it and let me know and I’ll dive into the issue as soon as I am able! “If you See Something, Say Something.”

Please Consider: This is a closed group to help encourage privacy and openness of discussion; again a safe place to bring your thoughts. Your membership is subject to my review as are any new posts. I’ll try to be speedy in approving your content (Which I will more likely than not will approve) and uploading my own, but please be patient, this all very new to me.