This was not initially intended as an article per-say. It’s more of a tally of Trump Offenses during his, at the time of writing. I was actually trying to compose an un-threaded tweet regarding this problem, but quite obviously encountered challenges when confined to a mere 140 characters. I’m not a big fan of threading tweets. This “simple” concept, quickly ballooned into a full-fledged article as the outrage and my inner author’s muse started to kick in.

Anyways, the point I want to make before we see the tally is that on a weekly basis we have been treated to new outrages and acts of villainy, hatred, and outright contempt aimed at the American people by Donald J. Trump. The great challenge the progressive and liberal American faces when confronted with such outrages is that most all these outrages are equally deplorable. To not stand up and resist and protest each one welcomes disaster and forces us to divide our attention. Neglecting one heinous act or statement in favor of the latest.

We as resisters have an obligation and heavy responsibility to keep all these horrific events in our minds; lest we give the Mad King Donald the breathing room and momentarily relief to either enact or further his vicious policies. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Among the many options available (Resignation, Invocation of the 25th Amendment, and Impeachment), my instincts tell me that impeachment from the finding’s of Mueller’s Investigations are our best options to oust this hate-monger, demagogue, and tyrant masquerading as the President. As such, Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia should never be far from our consciousness; most especially as he continues to alienate the the GOP leadership in both the House and Senate. Whether these political cowards do anything about it, remains to be seen.

As you’ll see a Tweet simply isn’t suitable. Here is the tally, in no particular order.

A Tally of Donald Trump’s Heinous acts as President

  1. Collusion with an Adversarial State: Allegedly (and very likely) colluded with Russia to win the election in exchange for Kompromat, favors, and anything else the Russian Oligarchs demand of Trump.
  2. He Fired FBI Director James Comey: Fearful of the encroaching Russian Collusion scandal, Donald Trump gaffed by firing Comey, starting a long chain of events that are continuing to unravel to this day. Convention, protocol, that the Checks and Balances of our government mean nothing to this ignorant and tyrannical creature.
  3. Attacks on Free Press: Has consistently come out against the free press, making “Fake News” a common part of our American lexicon. On top of that he has attacked journalists’ patriotism and labeled them the “Enemy of the American People.” Orwellian to say the least, most especially with his propaganda machine run by his family through “TrumpTV” and it’s so-called “real news.” In the worst case scenario I see the following events cascading towards destroying our Free Press and marching us ever closer to the precipice of tyranny as country with a single State-Run News outlet:
    • He’ll continue to prop up his propagandists at Fox news.
    • An Alt-Right mob of Trump Supporters beats up a journalist with no consequences or convictions (on the micro-level we saw this with the Gianforte debacle)
    • Trump Sues Journalists and Institutions criticizing him and reporting the facts. (Finding a way to change existing laws on libel is something that he’s contemplated and explored)
    • Trump sends the Department of Justice after CNN, the New York Times, or Washington post.
    • Trump goes after bloggers and the internet; Trump’s DoJ is already trying to acquire data from the Anti-Trump website from DreamHost.
  4. Sought to Destroy Millions of Americans Healthcare, and failed: Haunted by the Obama legacy, and likely secretly envious of the 44th President, Trump has directed his GOP cronies in the Senate and Congress to not just Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act, but in failing to either, endorses simply Repealing it with no workable solution.
  5. Loves Police Brutality: When addressing police officers in New York he “joked” that police brutality would be fine, citing erroneous anecdotes about Latino gang violence.
  6. Wants to Build a Wall on the Mexican Border: Not just impractical, but is demanding Mexico pays for it. Since Mexico has made it abundantly clear they won’t pay for it, the burden of implementing this racist, xenophobic, costly, and ineffectual barrier is now being placed on us, the American tax-payer.
  7. Threatening to repeal DACA: Again, the Latino community is getting hit hard by the Trump Administration. Dreamers have spent their entire lives building lives and careers in the United States and have been contributing to the economic growth of the country and paying he wants to deport these people for living in our country through no fault of their own.
  8. Made Kim Jong Un Sane and Reasonable by Comparison: Not only is Trump easily baited, he has actively thrown out inflammatory rhetoric towards North Korea; promising “Fire and Fury” and claiming that talk and diplomacy are signs of “weakness.” He has proven that he’s easily baited by North Korean Saber rattling and through his words further destabilized Asia as well as the very lives of millions of Americans, Koreans, and Japanese.
  9. Islamaphobe: Trump’s Muslim Travel ban failed to pass the muster of the courts the first time. Citing National security, he has been trying to keep Muslims out of this country…strangely enough, failing to address the fact that the major exporters of terrorism are not on his list.
  10. Homophobe/Trans-phobe: He’s questioned the patriotism and loyalty of Transgender Americans serving this nation and putting their lives on the line for our enduring national security. He cites erroneous data that the military is disrupted by trans people and money is being spent on transgender medical care, even though it is not disruptive and the Army spends more on Viagra than gender re-allocation therapy and surgery. Fortunately, our military professionals have at least have done everything they can to drag their feet, stall, and disregard Trump on this position…for now.
  11. Racist: Asides from botching what would easily be an easy way to earn political points by denouncing the Racists in Charlottesville, he continues give words of encouragement to the “very nice” people who are aligned as Alt-Right, White Supremacists, Fascist Neo-Nazis, and many more.
  12. Announced US Withdrawal from the Paris Accord: As one who disregards science and as a climate change denier, he has appointed his fellow privileged cronies to key positions in the administration. Scott Pruitt and Rick Perry are not only climate change deniers, but have also sought to dismantle the very agencies they represent. The Racist and Homophobe, Sam Clovis is up for nomination for the post of “chief scientist” at the USDA. He’s not a scientist, he’s an alt-right talk show nut job. We have been blessed with having governors and mayors that remain committed to the Paris Agreement and the world has, for the most part, doubled down on their efforts to combat climate change to refute Trump’s blatant disregard of science and empirical evidence.
  13. Pardoned Racist Joe Arpaio: (See #7). Not only has Trump defied proper protocols of the Presidential Pardon, he has pardoned a cruel, virulent racist, and generally evil Man. If you haven’t done a deep dive into Arpaio’s offenses, you really should…Not only did Arpaio profile Latinos for no other reason than the color of their skin, he placed them in “concentration camps” (Arpaio’s OWN words), but inflicted cruelties that could truly be described as torture on these poor individuals. The action itself is despicable and on its own, and impeachable offense but sends very troubling messages:
    • It tells the law enforcement community that the Rule of Law means nothing. Police can defy the orders of the courts with no consequences and if you are a racist wearing a police uniform, the President has your back.
    • It serves as a test of his pardoning powers in the face of the Russian Collusion case. If Mueller calls witnesses to testify in his investigation, and those same witnesses refuse the summons, they will be held in contempt. This opens the door that the President could pardon his friends and allies that defy Mueller in his investigation.
    • As a Side Note: Arpaio was pardoned for Criminal Contempt, but I assert that a new criminal case be initiated against him for his cruelties and open disregard for basic human decency and the rule of law.
  14. Tried to Hitler Youth-a-nize the Boy Scouts: The Boy Scout Jamboree was unnecessarily politicized by Trump in what could have been a speech about community service, treasuring the beauty of the outdoors, and other noble non-partisan topics. Instead, he went off-script and ranted about Healthcare, the media, and his political enemies to a captive audience.
  15. He’s destroying our Trade Agreements: Trump has already withdrawn from the Trans Pacific Partnership and would further demolish our trade agreement with our neighbors, Mexico and Canada, by renegotiating or withdrawing completely from the North American Free Trade Agreement. He has even expressed a desire for tariffs.
  16. He’s bankrupting the Secret Service and the Taxpayers: With regular vacations to his extravagant clubs and golf course every weekend…to include a three-week “working” vacation (I’ve been gainfully employed for almost 20 years of my life, and I’ve never taken a 3-week vacation). He is proving he is the LEAST hard-working president to date. These trips, however are costing us Millions in taxpayer dollars, and the Secret Service is having difficulty coping with the financial requirements. Furthermore…it’s corrupt. His vacations are promoting his businesses and Federal Employees (e.g.: the Secret Service Agents) end up renting golf carts and lodging with government money…that ultimately goes right back into Donald Trump’s pocket.
  17. He has Paralyzed the Legislative Branch of Government: Using fear tactics and bullying, he has beaten the GOP into submission. In this laundry list I’m certain I’ve forgotten a myriad of other terrible things, yet, despite it all Republicans remain silently moored to this great millstone of a president that will ultimately sink the party. Only recently are we seeing small cracks to appear on the facade of republican party unity. Yet, these cracks only started to form as Trump continues to turn on his own party openly, and publicly; a selfish attempt to save face in with the shadow of the 2018 midterms looming. The republican party and it’s politicians have become a lost cause (some remain emblems of bi-partisanship and persons of conscience, such as Senator John McCain) as political cowards like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan avoid alienating the Trump base of deplorable racists. If you rely on the support of racists and other hate-mongers, perhaps you should re-examine your political and social platforms.
  18. Has Continued to Voice his love of Crowd Size to the Detriment of Portraying Empathy. Not going into detail on this but, Hurricane Harvey is the prime example here.
  19. Makes Decisions on Policy Without knowing Anything About Them. Trump’s deal with the Democrats over the Debt Ceiling was his singular smart move. Regrettably, he made the decision out of ignorance and for the wrong reasons. It just so happens it favors the Democrats and the Government’s ability to pay its bills without incurring an global economic disaster. I also am convinced he, like many Americans, has no concept of what the “Debt Ceiling” really is. He also managed to confuse Health Insurance with Life Insurance.
  20. He’s Turned the White House into a Reality TV Show filled with Betrayal and Unnecessary Drama. Oh, sing us the song of the vanquished, the shamed and disgraced!. The story of Spicer, Priebus, Scaramucci, Banon and Gorka leaves us with conflicted feelings (I sense that Rex Tillerson and Gary Cohn will likely be resigning before the year is out). We celebrate their ignominious departures…yet we still decry the Office-in-fighting (more akin to a reality TV show than a cohesive staff charged with the governance of our nation) that led to their departures. The deplorable nobles of the court of King Donald the Mad spend more time gaining favor with their liege than doing their job and steering policy. We were vaguely hopeful that John Kelly would bring order to the White House Staff, and at the lower echelons he has likely been moderately successful…but his ability to control the President himself has been a colossal failure. Just think: You thought your job was terrible?! Well, you could have the job of Baby Sitting Donald Trump and corralling his senior staff of incompetents, unqualifieds, over-privilegeds, and deplorables.

    UPDATES: 9/21/17

  21. Embarrassed himself and our nation at the U.N. General Assembly. Not only has he decided to coin a pet-nickname to Kim Jong Un which is wholly un-professional and un-presidential act, even when referring to an equally unhinged autocrat; but his bombastic rhetoric (See #8)continues to enflame the situation. He threatens to destroy North Korea and his millions of brainwashed innocents. Words have both power. Which is ultimately scarier? Trump knows what he’s doing, or his a fool, drunk on power and oblivious to reality stupidly taking every piece of North Korean bait that is dangled before his orange, hate-filled face. He also espoused and promoted nationalism and the world either listened attentively or cringed collectively. Also, in a complete act of ignorance, stupidity, and outright racism he essentially espoused corporate colonialism, through his version of praise: telling African leaders that his white, privileged friends love Africa and will enrich themselves further on the backs of Africa.
  22. Trump’s White House tries to get a private citizen fired. For the innocent act of stating the truth (if I were to be un-biased I’d edit that and say: opinion instead), Donald Trump is a White Supremacist, his White House (likely with his tacit endorsement) has called on ESPN to fire Jemele Hill. It’s bullying, it crosses the line of legality and decency, and it sets a horrific precedent. If calling the President names and coming out against the administration is a fire-able offense…then millions of fellow Americans and resisters are equally guilty of this make-believe sin.
  23. He won’t let TrumpCare Die. He’s now pushing the Graham-Cassidy Bill in yet another attempt to rob people of their healthcare. Is it reasonable that states should have control over their affairs? Certainly. Yet, once again, the GOP is demonstrating they are legislating in both ignorance and desperation in an effort to not improve our lives, but to childishly spite Obama by dismantling-all-things-Obama. The resurrection of this debate makes for a good argument that it’s not TrumpCare…it’s ZombieCare, it not only will never die but it only benefits the dead and is a threat to the living.
  24. The Man-Child retweets racists and CyberBullies: It’s embarrassing and childish to see the President retweet Racists as well as spread violent and bullying GIFs. I refer specifically to the Golf Ball Hitting Hillary GIF that many are now aware of. No further words are needed beyond the above.
  25. He Continues to Voice his Support for Autocrats and War Criminals. Donald Trump gave “top marks” to Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Need we construct a list of Donald Trump’s Evil Facebook Friends list? Glad I asked!
    • He Loves his Handler: Vladimir Putin (Easy one)
    • Likes how Rodrigo Duterte Murders his own people and encourages his government to murder en masse in his brutal anti-drug campaign
    • Just gave Recep Tayyip Erdogan props…a dictator that wins rigged elections and calls himself “president” (sound familiar?).
    • Before he started calling Kim Jong Un names, he previously had decided he was a “smart cookie” and expressed how “honored” he’d be to meet the madman threatening nuclear war and the obliteration of South Korea and Japan.
    • Continues in the long tradition of all American Presidents (democrat and republican, let’s be real here) of propping up the misogynist and oppressive Saudi Regime in exchange for oil.
    • Abdel Fattah el-Sissi is a hard one for me to list…but let’s be honest, Sissi is an autocrat and I’d be negligent and guilty of HEAVY bias for not including him here. Truth be told though…Sissi’s relationship with the Egyptian people and his own effort to reform and transform Egypt is a complex issue, one I’ll have to go into more in-depth on when I write on Egypt on my ongoing “Reflection of Travel in the Middle East” series.
    • During the Election, he’s praised the child-killing, chemical weapons-using and all around “bad hombre,” Bashar al-Assad of being worthy of “top marks” for leadership.
    • While talking about middle east dictators, during the election, Trump was more then happy to state that both Muammar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein were good because they killed terrorists, never mind the slaughter of their own people
    • Saddam Hussein (see: #8)
    • Note: I must say it. The ins and outs and complexities of international foreign policy, national security, and regional stability are tough topics, yet to be so blatant in praise of questionable “allies,” “frenemies,” and outright adversaries not only emboldens these oppressive and murderous regimes…it sends a message to the world and nations on the brink of falling prey to chaos and disorder that America endorses these people openly and encourages genocide and the imprisonment, torture and murder of civilians. Because Donald Trump has NO moral compass, I foresee the world will soon label the United States as pariahs, bereft of values and common decency…the U.N. has already started that process by censuring us in a strongly-worded letter reserved for such dictators as listed above.

Please Note: I built this list very quickly and off the top of my head, so it’s certainly likely I missed a deplorable event. Let me know in your comments!

So, this is long and torturous list of offenses. I have some rather grim prognostications on the future of American Democracy. I don’t wish to be alarmist in anyway, but we have to consider that many tyrants, with some exceptions, did not subvert democratic governments into totalitarian regimes in a single day. It happened through slow processes so that a complacent citizenry wouldn’t notice the hostile takeover of government was occurring until it was too late. Fortunately, we have an engaged and passionate Resistance Community that won’t let Trump get away with this…but for this very reason is why we can’t let up the pressure and must remain ever vigilant and continue to speak out and stand up until this nightmare is over. If we give Donald Trump an inch, he and his supporters will try and abscond off with mile.

Are you feeling like you’ve been taking crazy pills? Well…I’d like to hear your thoughts too. Please feel free to Comment, share, and like. Also, subscribe to ensure you get the latest updates. You can also follow me on twitter @streamingdan82