The deafening silence of the GOP regarding Roy Moore’s senate candidacy seems to only further normalize deplorable behavior by men of power…and in this case a toxic, serial harasser and assaulter, and child molester. While Moore remains firmly on brand with Trumpism’s rampant hatred of all that are different, it doesn’t seem to stop there. Trump and republican leadership now asserts that a child-molesting hate-monger is still better than a democrat that fought the KKK and didn’t molest any children.

While each day I find myself continually disgusted with the Republican Party, I feel there is a way in which they may find some way to salvage what little, if any, dignity the Party and their lawmakers may have. While they use partisan politics to favor their wealthy donors over their own constituents (in a manner akin to the robber barons of the late 19th century that amassed great sums of wealth at the expense of the working class), they could take a firm, moral stance against some non-partisan issues that are plaguing our society. The Republican establishment won’t, but one can dream.

This is how I feel, the Republican Leadership could make a feeble attempt to stand up against the toxicity what is poisoning their party:

Much like our Democratic Colleagues, the Republican Party believes in the values of an open and free democracy. A democracy that enables everyone to participate in political debate and run for legislative offices. The leadership of the party, in no uncertain terms disavows Roy Moore and will not continue to support his campaign for Alabama Senator.

Sexual Harassment and Assault is a noxious part of American Culture that needs to be stamped out at all costs. This is not a partisan issue and we are united with our democratic colleagues in stamping out this epidemic of privilege and power running amok.

With so many of Americans speaking out about their experiences, we will honor our covenant with the American citizenry to ensure that no man, woman, or child needs feel fear when speaking out and shining a light on corruption and deplorable behavior from their legislators. Roy Moore, represents values reprehensible to the Republican Party. We therefore withdraw our endorsement of Roy Moore in his Senatorial Campaign and strongly encourage concerned Americans to vote their conscience and join us in refuting a virulent racist, serial sexual harasser and assaulter, and child molester.

To stand by our long-standing colleague and veteran legislator, Senator John McCain, we seek a return to regular order, good governance, and respect and dignity for both the American people and the governing bodies that represent them.

In the end, I’m not an Alabaman, but this election goes beyond purely local politics. Supporting Doug Jones is not just the best option, it is truly the only option to maintain decency in our nation. Electing Roy Moore to the Senate only further fans the flames of hate in our country and communicates to the American people (and the world at large) that America is divisible and is willing to normalize repugnant, criminal behavior in favor of partisan politics.

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