As is seemingly typical, I have taken an extended hiatus from my writing. While my tweeting has found some renewed vigor, carving out the time to write extended, researched, and analytical pieces has remained a challenge.

I have recently been prompted to learn the finer points of photo manipulation in GIMP for my regular work…so, to keep practicing and improving, I’m launching my new graphic series…aimed to satirize and highlight the worst moments of our news. It’s a new creative endeavor. Depending on my bandwidth, I’ll endeavor to post weekly as time and life allows.

Anyways…here it is!

Graphic Novel
Trump Rails against Immigrants and throws his racist viewpoints out in the open. The GOP…largely silent and impotent as they continue to enable White Supremacism in this nation.

I would naturally love everyone’s input and feedback! Also, realize the graphic is a bit small, anyone out there know the optimum way to display on WordPress?

If you have ideas or would like to see specific “comics” let me know! You can comment what you’d like to see and make recommendations below or DM me on Twitter @streamingdan82!