Streaming Dan

Political Commentary and Opinion by a Concerned Citizen


I am a ten-year Army Veteran; spending those years as an intelligence professional and middle east affairs specialist and an Arabic Linguist –  serving in both Afghanistan and Iraq


In efforts to broaden my cultural and international affairs knowledge I spent over a year travelling throughout the Middle East; working centrally from the U.S. Embassy in Muscat, Oman.


Politically, I am a self-proclaimed moderate, a concerned citizen and a husband that wants to see a child grow up in a United States free from hatred and bigotry…a United States secure and free…a United States where we can all rise to our fullest potential and let our consciences and better angels fuel our endeavors.

This blog is my own humble endeavor to give my perspective and use the power of writing to promote a seasoned dialogue among concerned citizens that likewise feel our nation has gone astray.